Live Tracking-System

Our devices allow users to track any vehicle live 24×7. Live tracking tells the exact location of your vehicle(s) along with the route taken. In today’s age of customer delight, this will help you manage and confidently notify your customers regarding their products delivery schedules, enhancing their confidence in you. Live tracking comes with a host of other features going way beyond telling the location of your vehicles. The route taken by the vehicle can be monitored for productivity improvement decisions, Driver behavioral understanding, total distance travelled besides so many others.

Geo fence / POI Management

With trackastic you can setup a Geofence ensuring that drivers always follow the pre-set path and do not deviate from that path. If anytime during the trip if they do deviate from that set path you are notified. This ensures that you are drivers are not getting lost during their trips and meeting their time schedules. POI or Point of Interest is a location which can be preset by the Trackastic user to provide alerts / track performance when the vehicle reaches that POI. A POI can be a material pickup location, a material drop location, a Fuelling Station, a repair workshop, company’s own office.

Back Tracking

You do not have to sit and monitor live but can always come back and watch past trips for any vehicles. Backtracking shows the entire trip as it took place “live”. Using it you can go back and find any potential issues from past trips without a fuzz.

Reports & Analytics

Don’t just settle with knowing location of your vehicles but gain far better insight into your business. Trackastic provides you with in-depth reports related to drivers, vehicles, trips and your business as a whole. It let’s you find ways to improve your margins by highlighting areas that need your attention and need you to take corrective measures. A brief list of these insights are mentioned here:

Learn better about driving patterns of various drivers.


Find where you are losing money, with poor productivity areas.


Find optimum routes generating the most profit for you.


Know more about vehicle service history.


Find careless driving behaviors.


Get better time / delivery schedules based on past trips.

Driver Behaviour Reports

Trackastic links drivers to vehicles and various trips that they have undertaken over a period of time. It comes with concise reports telling you more about how a particular driver drives and take corrective measures before it even starts costing you dearly.

Sudden Breaking

How your drivers drive has a major impact on vehicles service requirements. Find drivers with consistent rash driving behaviours. Tracking of sudden braking allows you to do just that.

Wait over / Long Undesired Stoppages

Trackastic has a capability of intelligently pointing out the unnecessary long stoppages during the trip which can be avoided in the subsequent trips thereby improving trip performance.

Over speeding alert

Trackastic notifies you not only in real-time but also stores this information if any of the vehicles is over speeding.

Path Deviation Report

Path deviation reports for a driver can you help you pin point the good honest and lawful drivers from the others.

Trip creation and monitoring

Create trips upfront and share that with the driver which would ensure they are always notified of whats the best route for them is and also if they deviate from it. This ensures efficient delivery schedules and many more happy customers in return. Also it makes the drivers more responsible.

Vehicle service and maintenance

Trackastic allows you to keep a ledger of vehicles service history and notifies you upcoming service requirements for different vehicles as they become due. So you do not have to worry about remembering or missing any of the service schedules ensuring your vehicles are always serviced at the correct time schedules. The feature let you know of a nearby Authorized workshop for repair.

Intuitive Dashboard with Summary and Stats

Trackastic interface is planned keeping the customer first approach. We have deviced the interface after interacting with a large number of our actual end-users ensuring it lets our customers do exactly what they want with maximum efficiency.

Driver Profiling

Trackastic can maintain detail driver profile. Information such as experience, address and contact information, blood group, insurance and mediclaim, Govt. and other Ids, driver image, etc can kept saved in Trackastic.

Cost Efficient

Sudden Braking will lead to lower Tyre Life.

Device Technical Specification

Technical specifications are required for the procurement and acquisition process of devices. The device sends the vehicle information data, through GPRS connectivity & GSM based SIM signals to the backend server.

Alerts / Notifications

Trackastic is capable of sending realtime event based alerts to the user. This includes alerts like

Over speed alerts


Sudden acceleration and sudden braking alerts


Geo fence entry and exit alerts


Path deviation alerts


Long stoppage alerts